Top 5 Best A/B Testing Courses Online

August 30, 2022
5 min read

A/B testing is one of the best strategies for creating a long-term growth strategy. It allows you to build your business with a decision-making process based on data (rather than “going with your gut”). But for all the benefits of A/B testing, it’s surprisingly difficult to conduct online experiments that lead to reliable results without letting confirmation biases slip in. 

That’s why many professionals who routinely work with data consider upskilling with an A/B testing course. The goal is to learn how to conduct digital experiments in a controlled way that leads to results you can trust. 

So, in today’s article, we’re going to explore the best courses for A/B testing that you can take depending on your current skill level.  

5 Best Courses for A/B Testing

The courses below were carefully selected to cover a wide range of proficiencies. Some courses will be better suited for complete beginners, while others would be best for advanced learners. Plus, we’ve highlighted information about the instructors, course descriptions, and, of course, the price. Feel free to use this table of contents to jump to any courses you’d like to learn more about:

  • Sphere
  • Udacity
  • Udemy
  • CXL
  • Dynamic Yield 

Otherwise, let’s get started with the first A/B testing course on our list. 

1. Sphere - Accelerating Innovation with A/B Testing

  • Price: $0 after reimbursement from your L&D department (courses start at $700)
  • Instructor(s): Ronny Kohavi
  • Description: An advanced live course by one of the leading pioneers in online experimentation, Ronny Kohavi. 

With 20+ years of experience working with tech giants like Amazon, Airbnb, and Microsoft, Ronny Kohavi will help you run and analyze an online controlled experiment, define P-Values/statistical power, and go through important concepts such as Twyman’s law. 

Offered through the up-and-coming EdTech platform Sphere, this class includes 10 hours of live courses and access to all the recordings (in case someone can’t make a class or wants a refresher down the road). You can also participate in office hours directly with Ronny, where you can ask him questions you might have on aspects of A/B Testing or online experimentation. The course starts at $700, but this price is covered by L&D budgets because Sphere’s cohorts are fully accredited. 

The extensive learning potential here makes this course a top choice for any Data Scientist or Product leader who wants to gain experience and learn how to create more accurate A/B tests. This course is made for advanced learners, which makes it a great resource for connecting with other data experts in your field, too. 

Learn more about Ronny Kohavi’s upcoming course on A/B testing. 

2. Udacity - A/B Testing Course by Google

  • Price: Free
  • Instructor(s): Carrie Grimes, Caroline Buckley, Diane Tang
  • Description: An introductory course created by Google which goes through the basics of A/B testing.

This Udacity course on A/B Testing by Google is a good introductory series for newcomers who are interested in getting started with A/B testing basics. This course consists of several videos and exercises for learners to go through at their own pace.

Some topics include lessons on how to design A/B tests, how to analyze results, and how to make sure that your experiment has enough statistical power to provide reliable/relevant results. That said, if you’re an advanced learner already working in the industry, you’ll likely understand all of the topics in the course already. 

Udacity does recommend that you have a solid understanding of Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics before enrolling. The course is free, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to get started on their A/B testing journey. But, again, people currently working in the industry will find much of this free content more suited to complete beginners. 

Learn more about Udcacity’s A/B testing course provided by Google

3. Udemy - Range of courses

  • Price: $100 ($17.99 on Sale), $14.99, Potential sales 
  • Instructor(s): Anil Batra, Lazy Programmer Inc. 
  • Description: We look at the top 3 most popular courses on A/B testing

Udemy offers a range of A/B Testing courses from various instructors for you to choose from. We looked at Udemy's top 3 most popular courses on A/B Testing to help you determine whether Udemy is worth it for you.

This selection offers a solid foundation for learners of different skill levels.

  • A/B Testing and Experimentation for Beginners is a good course that is fit for people who are just starting out with online experimentation.
  • Bayesian Machine Learning in Python: A/B Testing was created for a more intermediate audience that is already familiar with Python and understands how to conduct A/B tests.
  • Coding for A/B Testing is a good option for users who want to implement HTML, Javascript, and CSS in their online experiments. 

These courses all offer structured curriculum consisting of smaller PowerPoint presentations. If you are looking to access multiple Udemy courses through the website, they offer full access for a subscription of $33 per month. 

All Udemy lessons include a Q&A section where you can ask the instructor any questions that you may have. Some courses include quizzes that you can take to test your mastery of the lessons learned in the corresponding videos.

Learn more about Udemy’s course material on A/B testing

4. CXL - A/B Testing Mastery

  • Price: $1499 for access to all the courses. 7-day trial for $1
  • Instructor(s): Ton Wesseling
  • Description: Offers a comprehensive series of videos that go over topics such as the history of A/B testing, how to determine the right KPIs, and more. 

CXL offers a structured curriculum that includes both video and written transcripts for learners. The videos cover the fundamentals of A/B testing, as well as important topics like how to pick the right KPIs for your online experiments. The presentation is clean and gives you a comprehensive overview of how to create, monitor, and assess any A/B test online.

One unique aspect of this course is the resource hub, which has playbooks and useful excel templates for A/B testing (such as their A/B Testing Calculator). In order to view the course, you’ll need to pay $1499 for access to the entire website, but they also have a 7-day trial for $1. 

While CXL does go over A/B Testing basics, the target audience consists of professionals actively conducting online experiments for their respective companies. CXL suggests that the course could be right for you if your company or client is already receiving over 1000 conversions per month. 

Learn more about CXL’s A/B Testing and Mastery course today

5. Dynamic Yield - A/B Testing & Optimization Course

  • Price: Free
  • Instructor(s): Gidi Vigo
  • Description: Mostly a text-based course offered under XP Squared, a free learning platform for Optimization Platforms. 

The A/B Testing & Optimization Course by Dynamic Yield is an interesting text-based course that is free and gets straight to the point. While Dynamic Yield does offer a few videos throughout its lessons, the majority is taught through a series of articles that go over A/B testing concepts. This could be a good fit for students who prefer to learn by reading rather than watching pre-recorded videos. 

While the course will not provide you with a complete overview of all the concepts you need, the articles provide learners with a good starting point. It offers important introductions to topics such as A/A Testing, Statistical Significance, and how to choose the right optimization objective.

Since it’s free, there is little risk with trying the course out, and we think you can get some useful insights from these articles. The website also offers cool resources, such as their Bayesian A/B Testing Calculator, which you can use to calculate whether your test is statistically significant or not. 

This course is probably best suited for complete beginners or for intermediate learners who just need a little refresher. That said, it likely won’t provide you with the more advanced concepts needed to take your current A/B tests to the next level. 

Learn more about Dynamic Yield's A/B Testing and Optimization course

Which Course is Best for Data Scientists?

While all of these solutions may be good options for learners (depending on your current skill level), many of these A/B courses are introductory in nature. That means they may not be fit for data scientists that are already working in the field.

But “Accelerating Innovation with A/B testing” by Ronny Kohavi offers the most rigorous learning experience for data scientists who want to create better online experiments and make smarter data-driven decisions. It digs deep into EVI, causality, metrics, A/A testing, Twyman’s Law, and more.

Accelerating Innovation with A/B testing allows you to learn in live sessions with Ronny Kohavi, an expert teacher who has created a lot of the best practices in online experimentation. It also allows you to work with a cohort of professionals and create more accurate online experiments. We’re confident that Sphere’s offering is the best choice for Data Scientists who want to continue developing in their careers. Plus, the cost of the course can be covered by a company L&D budget because it is already certified by the CPD. 

Click here to secure your seat in Ronny Kohavi’s upcoming cohort on A/B testing.

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