Create, convert and close more deals

by supercharging your CRM

AI that automates CRM updates and account research, ensuring your sales team has the right information at the right time

Automate the work your reps currently do manually with

Sphere’s AI Agent platform

CRM Update Agent

Monitors call transcripts, email, shared Slack channels, support tickets and more to extract and update any field in your CRM (e.g. MEDDICC, next steps, closed lost reason).

Saves reps hours on data entry
Improved deal health assessment
Enhanced forecasting accuracy
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Account Research Agent

Searches the web for information that’s important to your sales process and enriches your Account objects in your CRM (e.g. business objectives, use cases for your product).

Automate manual account research
Improved lead qualification
Close deals fast with relevant insights
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Sales Collateral Agent

Generate various forms of sales collateral based on customer conversations, information from internal apps and the web.

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“Sphere’s AI Agents are helping us 10x the output of our reps. Their technology is flexible enough to automate complex workflows that are customized to the nuances of our sales process.”

Brian Wones
VP of Revenue Operations

Built for the enterprise

The technology that underpins our AI Agents puts security and compliance at the forefront

We keep sensitive customer data safe and adhere to SOC 2 guidelines
Each customer has a dedicated private instance to ensure privacy
Access Management
Granular access controls available for every AI Agent

Why Sphere is different to other AI tools

Our AI Agents operate using your existing processes and tools and learn about your business over time

No new workflows

Sphere is not another layer or UI on top of your stack - our AI Agents operate within your existing apps and processes via a browser extension.

Easily customized to your sales process

Our AI Agents can be tweaked and edited via natural language to create output that is bespoke to your ICP and processes. They learn about your motion over time and improve performance.

Integrates with any tool

Our AI Agents can integrate with any tool including data providers, call recording software, communication platforms (incl. email, Slack), CS tools and much more.

Instantly scaleable

Create, duplicate and deploy AI Agents across your reps instantly as your pipeline grows or your needs change.

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With more AI agents to come across the

Find out how
Sphere's AI Agent platform
can transform your GTM organization

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Frequently asked questions

How do the AI Agents better understand my workflows and business over time?

We give everyone in your team the ability to provide text based feedback to the AI Agents. Our propriety system instantly passes this feedback back to the AI Agents to ensure they improve over time .

How much do the AI Agents cost?

We charge a monthly fee per user that varies depending on activity thresholds - book a time with our CEO, Nick Rudder, for a quote

Isn’t this just another tool to add to my stack?

No! Our system is not an added layer, all our AI Agents exist within your workflows and can be accessed via a browser extension!

My Salesforce instance is setup in a very customized way. How can your AI Agents navigate the different ways in which businesses have set up their apps?

We use a combination of APIs and our browser extension to understand how you’ve setup the various apps in your system (including Salesforce). Once the mapping is complete, this context is then passed onto the AI Agent so that it can perform the appropriate action in the right place.

Do you work with other CRMs outside of Salesforce?

Yes we do! Regardless of the apps you use in your CRM stack, our AI Agents can map and adapt to any setup (including CRMs like Hubspot, Pipedrive and more). Reach out to our team to learn more!

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