Our Vision

Build the AI workforce
A new era of humans working in tandem with AI Agents

AI Agent technology allows business functions to automate complex, manual tasks and 100x their output with existing resources. They are virtual teammates that are always available to work around the clock.

What are AI Agents?

AI Agents differ from regular generative AI applications. They are ‘objective-based’ and action-oriented. This means they can be given a goal (e.g. “update my CRM for all events from today”), break that goal down into tasks and execute those tasks across your apps until the goal is reached.

AI Agents can interact with your apps via APIs, most generative AI applications cannot.
AI Agents are directed via natural language, allowing simple customization to your processes and stack.
AI Agents learn from your data and feedback, delivering more value to you and your business over time.
Why we believe AI Agents will reinvent the

Go To Market function

Sales productivity like never before

Sphere’s AI Agents will usher in a new era of sales productivity. Sales professionals will be able to automate all manual, repetitive work themselves without relying on engineering. Additionally, automations and their output will abide by company policies and get better over time. Armed with a team of virtual workers, we believe this will give rise to the 100x sales rep.

Fewer tools = Cost savings

The number of tools in the Go To Market stack has increased significantly over time - there’s now a point solution for every workflow. Our AI Agents can replace and consolidate a lot of these solutions saving costly SaaS fees and simplifying the GTM stack.

Uncover insights

With access to data across your stack and team, AI Agents can begin to uncover signals and levers that are correlated to closed deals. Find out what your best reps do to close deals so that you can improve your sales process and baseline performance across your sellers.

Our ambitions extend

Across the Enterprise

We see our flexible AI Agents as a new malleable form of software that could reinvent enterprise SaaS as we know it. Easily customized to your needs, constantly operating in the background and learning more about your business over time.

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